Founder of The Visionality Course + Lead Program Director for the  Strategy Innovation Group

Founder of The Visionality Course + Lead Program Director for the Strategy Innovation Group

I am deeply passionate about creativity!  My first memory, probably within a year of being born, is of my grandmother placing a newly born chick in my hands. The wonder and joy I experienced in that moment has stayed with me since and has lead me to explore creativity, in its many facets.


Recently, this passion to understand creativity has been focused through the lenses of breakthrough-thinking, innovation, neuroscience and spirituality. I'm exploring how these "sciences or arts" impact and elevate human ability and performance.

I thrive in work environments that are purposeful and innovative. After graduating from the UofArts, I invested time and resources helping creative individuals polish and trust in their natural talents. I support the growth of the creative and innovative spirit in the individual by providing The Visionality Course. Over the last 20 years I've developed skills in marketing, public relations, branding and business management from mentors who are accomplished thought leaders in their respective fields. I use these skills to help my clients!

Visionality helped a bridge player become a world champion, a writer publish his first book, and a musician produce his first solo album.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
— African Proverb

I've trained with incredible leaders in the art of leadership, management, strategy innovation, public relations, marketing, social media, branding, video production, and personal coaching. Together we accomplish what each of us could not do alone. Meet my mentors:

Robert E. Johnston, Jr. 
(Co-author of the book, The Power of Strategy Innovation and Founder and Managing Associate of the Strategy Innovation Group)

James Ray 
(author of the book, Harmonic Wealth)

Lisa Schneiderman 
(former executive for Solters & Digney Public Relations)

Viki King 
(author of the book, How to Write a Movie in 21 Days)

Stephen Simon 
(film producer and co-founder of The Spiritual Cinema Circle)

The Art & Craft of Turning Vision Into Reality

The Art & Craft of Turning Vision Into Reality

Connect with us to learn more about participating in the course, and our new partnership with the Strategy Innovation Group.

The Visionality Course

Our course offers clients new ways to think about, shape and organize creative vision. Clients are guided through fun and simple processes to develop and complete what might at first seem like impossible projects. They learn how to awaken and apply their imagination, inner voice, and artistic purpose. Uncover the mindset (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) that inspires and drives creative action.  Learn how to use simple and easy to implement marketing and self-promotion strategies that spark creative action and habits....for a lifetime!

In this six session program you will practice new ways to develop and turn raw ideas into creative projects. Discover the origin of your creativity, how to access its power and how to use it effectively in projects. Explore the hidden meaning and value behind the icons, symbols, thoughts, ideas, objects, colors and sounds that attract our creative attention. Design your own creative process and invent habits; establishing a discipline such that being creative becomes a way of life. You'll also experiment with innovative communication and presentation styles to develop an ability to promote yourself and your creative ideas (early-stage brand development.) Plan your actions from week to week and expand your imagination beyond what you think is possible...this is the art and craft of turning vision into reality.